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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands up one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. it's >> i will be taking the roll-call of commissioners. president mazzucco: present. >> commissioner chan. commissioner chan: present. commissioner slaughter: present. >> you have a quorum. you have the chief of police. >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wednesday, august 17 police
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commission. we have a very heavy agenda tonight. the highlight of the agenda will be the 100-day report. we will see what the statistics are. we appreciate you putting that together. with that in mind, let's move onto line item 1. >> it is a consent calendar to receive and file the occ's status report of proposals. >> commissioners, this item is in your packet. are there any questions or concerns or anything you need to address regarding best? -- this? >> you need an oral presentation of this so that you can ask them where we are. i move to accept this. >> do we have a second? >> second. >> i agree with commissioner
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chan about doing that. is there any public comment regarding the quarterly report with reference to general orders? i have a first and a second? all in favor? >> aye. >> item two is general public comment. the general public is allowed to address the commission on the items not on the commission. you are to remark to the commission as a whole and not to individuals. under police commission rules of order, neither police, personnel are to respond to questions provided by the public but may offer a brief response. they should refrain from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comment to 3 minutes. >> i am from the aclu.
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i am here to correct some incorrect information that the police commission was given last week regarding the participation in the joerg terrorism commission task force. we wanted to make sure that if san francisco is going to continue to participate with the fbi is under san francisco's rules and our civilian oversight system. we have been pushing it a long time for the portland rev up -- portland resolution. the fbi is continuing to say that they will block full enforcement. we were surprised last week to learn that during the update of your various priorities that there was some discussion of this topic. we appreciate the dedication to these issues. we have provided them with answers. we have had our conversation and kept them updated. we were stunned to see last week, i am going to quote the
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chief, there is no portland resolution. i am not sure the source of his information. that has the mayor of's signature on it if you need it. the attorney that signed off on it is not allowed to do so. it was not and the assistant u.s. attorney. it was the u.s. attorney. that was the top federal judge for oregon. he was not transferred. he is still there. i checked today. we quoted his press release back in may. if you like a copy of this press release, here it is for all of you endorsing the resolution. he is a top federal official in oregon. he testified at the hearing in
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february before the portland city council with the general counsel for the fbi. the top lawyer for the fbi promising the people of portland that their oversight needs would be met. at that same hearing was the deputy attorney general in the counter-terrorism division as well as the special agent in charge of the fbi. clearly, they were authorized. we have provided this information previously. it is of some deep concern that at this date in time you are getting this information. i am not doing this to embarrass the chief. it is important for him to know and you to know that somebody is giving you back information. maybe he will share with you where the information is coming from. the fbi might prefer that they do not adopt the portland approach. they could use your resources,
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our tax dollar resources. >> thank you. next speaker. >> commissioners, i will look into this. my information was relayed to me. we got it directly from portland. >> my i inquire whether it was a federal official? thank you for your courtesy. >> good evening, commissioners. i see some new faces up here. i only come up here when there are its -- issues related to something i am involved with. profiling in our community, are resting without miranda rights. also, officers taking dna swabs in the streets. the individuals that are going to come to you i am going to stand by. arrests that occurred in july.
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a stray bullet hit inside the projects. it happened to be african americans inside the community. the person that was hit happen not to be african-american. the person that was hit was somebody dear to me. the individuals that will speak will tell you himself that this is just a little beginning. this youngster was arrested by police officers right after the shooting on a friday night. he came to this young man because of profiling, he had dreadlocks. they arrested the man and kept him in the station for a number of hours and changed his clothes into orange. they took him and did not read him his miranda rights. after they investigated and found out this was not the individual, after the police said that it was gang-related,
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they arrested this man here. they charged him falsely and let him go. then the parole officers came back to the scene the next day and brad tempest andpulled out the swab and got his dna. he was not read his miranda rights. after the charges were dropped on him, the officers came c kidsar, swabbed him, and let him go. how can you do that in america? i want him to come and speak on that. he can get a real understanding of what is going on. another thing from the bay view on the same thing. he happened to have dreadlocks. to make this thing right, i
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hope the police department will make these brothers examples for the community and get them some jobs. let them profile that. let them be an example for the community in the bayview. their rights have been violated. if you don't mind me, he is nervous, he is 20 years old. >> thank you. >> good evening. webster. they came and arrested me. the officer that came and got me, they put me on the floor and then they waited for the other cop car. the lady pointed me out and said
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it was me. the other person that got caught had dreads too. i do not even know who that is. they had me sitting there from friday to saturday. they did not read me my rights or nothing. they change me into orange. that morning around 9:00, i went down. i did not know what my charges or anything work until they came in the room and brought me my papers. after that, they took me upstairs. i still didn't know what was going on. i was in there for 5 days. did they drop the charges?
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the police were telling me it was an ongoing case. >> what is your name? >> mitchell. the next day, i got out. the plain clothes officer, he told me to come to his car. he grabbed me. he did a dna swab and let me go. they were still pulling up on me and driving past my house. i do not even live in the western district. >> i just want to know that it
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sounds like there is an open investigation. there are several attorneys on the panel. you might not want to speak too much about this, especially if you have a counsel for you. if you are considered a suspect, you need to be more careful about this. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, commissioners. mr. harris and coming before you once again dealing with the murder of my brother that to this day has not been resolved. i want to start off by saying i appreciate everything that is being done as far as investigation. just this is justice. my brother was murdered on video. i wanted to highlight the fact that without being insensitive to other people's cases, but there was a 3-year-old child
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murdered in oakland. the police was able to make an arrest real quick in that case. with the man that was beaten up in l.a. at the giants' game, they were able to find the individuals in a quick amount of time that were responsible. also, they were talking about the young asian girl that was shot in the fillmore district. they made an arrest right away. what i'm trying to understand, if b police have informants and people in our community that are always rolling over when they applied the pressure, they get the informants to give them the information that they need to get an arrest. i want to know why a man is on videotape murdering my brother. no arrests have been made. i do not want to take a lot of
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your time. i am here and i will be here to speak for my brother, who cannot speak for himself and his children. >> thank you, mr. harrison. >> my name is carpenter. i have been vocal on a lot of police brutality and misconduct in the bay view area. i have been on tv about it on several occasions. i have been on channel 29. i was interviewed on channel 29. the interview was about an hour. the next day, the plainclothes officers came up and grabbed me and arrested me for some incident that they made up. no incident report was put in until i was after -- after i was in custody.
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it happened on the prior day with no arrest or warrants. i was held in custody from saturday until tuesday night at midnight. i continued to get harassed every day by these police officers in the bayview district. plainclothes cop beat officers, and bicycle riders. i get harassed by all of them. i will like that to stop. they came in front of my residence and they told my family member's cars that were behind the registration. these were plainclothes officers. they towed my family members cars on a sunday, a day that
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they do not even tell cars. for speaking out, for exercising my first amendment rights, i am being punished. they say no good deed goes unpunished. this is to stop some time. it is 2011. >> if you have spoken to somebody regarding these allegations, you may want to chat with her. that is the direction you need to take to find recourse for what your talking about. >> i am harassed every day continuously. >> good evening, commissioners. i am following up briefly on comments made by my colleague
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from the acluj. ohn laid out the framework for the kind of misunderstanding that you got with regards to the portland resolution. i just wanted to opt a deal on our advocacy. many of you know that we met with the u.s. attorney months ago. we wanted to get the fbi to cooperate. she sent us an e-mail on july 23. she was still thinking about it. we got another one in early august. it has been a long time. instead of waiting to say okay, we think it is really time for san francisco to assert its own policies. we do not think that they do that because of their own position. at this point, we are still in a
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muck of misinformation. there are various hearings. we think that the community is very much pushing us to make sure that there is a next step. this is a heads up for you guys. we want to the board of supervisors to take this up after recess. >> thank you. next speaker. >> share of, and good evening. for the record, my name is lawrence. i just wanted to add one item to what some of the people spoke about. last week, i picked up by copy of the occ report.
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i am in the old school. i like to read things in advance before i do any analysis. the second quarter, one reason, you may come to the conclusion that the whole occ is a big waste of government time and money. by reading over page after page and then reading the conclusion of the report, it is like you are reading a comic look. --book. 15 items out of hundreds. the only item that could find that a police officer was doing wrong was a technical error. he put down a wrong citation no..
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-- number. took an illegal immigrant with papers and turned him in. there are 100 cases of an appropriate behavior that you cannot find one witness to. there is no compound and of those incidents based on whether it was one officer, two officers, or whether we have repeat offenders here, which i believe is the case. a lot of these complaints of inappropriate behavior are probably in a group of police officers. if you break it down to 100 cases, you will most likely find that each officer has four or five cases. that is the problem with the occ report. none of that shows up here.
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nothing is clear about police behavior. it does not tell you what the numbers are of their police officers or how many police officers are -- on an individual basis are creating best. they are still on the force. my complaint was against officer woods. he has multiple complaints over the -- over a number of years. screaming and hollering and citizens for no reason. that was not sustained. i thank you for your time. >> and next speaker. >> the community, the state, the beating of a homeless man to
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death, possibly by police, the incident going on right now, bayview in turmoil. i wanted toi did watch the tape. last week, there was a young brother who spoke to you. he could not understand what officers were riding trains and dealing with intoxicated people. i explained to him that sfpd and bart have a contract. bart ks sfpd a lot of money every year to have officers on those trains. he said, "i did not know that." that answers the question. i think now it is bad for all police departments. a lot of bad things have come up. chp, 55 shots. everyone hears all the news.
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they want a reaction. people do not listen to facts. i tried to explain to some brothers the police commission fired two officers in the last 60 days. here is what they did and here is the fund -- the end result. he did not know that. a lot of times, misinformation can be traumatic. i understand, but the brothers are standing up. they are not marching down market street, breaking things. they're going to community meetings and coming here. that is a lot better than some people i have seen on market street. have a great evening. >> any further public comment? hearing none, it is now closed. >> item 3, reports and announcements. the first is the cheeks report, which includes recent activities and the first 100-day review by the chief of statistics,
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accomplishments, and plans. president mazzucco: thank you for joining us this evening. >> i think probably the recent activity would be outside lands. we had 180,000 residents and guests at the field in golden gate park last weekend for a three-day music festival. it went off large the without incident. on friday, there was a minor theft of about 25 bracelets. at one time during the festival, a gate was breached and about 100 people came in without paying. but other than that and the parking and traffic issues that come with importing 180,000 people into a neighborhood that are not normally there, i think a good time was had by all. the officers particularly of park and richmond stations did a great job. president mazzucco: chief, a
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question for you. commissioner chan: i noticed there was a meeting organized by san francisco organizing project. could you tell us what happened, and it plans moving forward? >> it was a great meeting. most of what was discussed has been discussed at other meetings. that was a collaboration. they proposed that they would like to contribute to comstat. they mentioned that a company that could come in to figure out crime patterns and keep the bayview say for, or to borrow our information. the district attorney's office committed to trying to help them find funding for that project, and also to have a working committee going forward to address the violence in the bayview. it was a cross-section of the faith community, young people. it was one of the most
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organized -- they are well managed. every speaker was on time. the meeting was -- it started when it started. it ended exactly when it was supposed to. it was something. commissioner chan: there was something about a cease-fire proposal. >> the san francisco police department has been in beijing in cease-fire over the last 10 years. we brought out david kennedy and dr. braga earlier in the millennium. you have to go back a ways, but there was the cease-fire court, where we would bring in parolees and probationers and give them the choice of going the law- enforcement way are going the positive choices way. positive choices way. apparently, some folks from this apparently, some folks from this


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